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Iloilo province and its city ranks as one of the country's foremost centers of culture, industry and trade. A 45-minute flight from Manila, Iloilo has stretches of breathtaking, unpolluted seaside communities and beach resorts. Scuba diving, swimming and snorkeling can be done in perfection in the islands of Guimaras and Sicogon as its underwater seascape are one of the most undisturbed in the country. Other sports to be tried are windsurfing, yachting or just plain beachcombing. Iloilo is also a place to see spectacular structure as evident in the period churches and century-old houses. The Miag-ao Fortress Church is a grand example of a medieval bastion church with ornate floral designs on the facade.

It's famous Dinagyang festival, a local mardi gras, held every January in honor of the Infant Jesus is a major tourist attraction. Another event Iloilo is known for is the Paraw Regatta which is participated in by local and foreign sportsmen.


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