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This is the place to visit if your time in the Philippines is limited. Approaching the province is one of the most pleasant 1 ½ hour drive in all of Luzon. It is characterized by historic towns, coconut plantations, lakeshores, sheltered valleys, waterfalls, hot springs, and volcanoes.

A popular place in this picturesque province is Pagsanjan where visitors flock for the thrilling experience of shooting the rapids. Just across the river from Pagsanjan is the town of Lumban, the celebrated embroidery capital of Luzon. The town of Los Banos , famous for its hot springs, is also where the International Rice Research Institure (IRRI) is located. Laguna's richly-forested hills and mountains provide material for the livelihood of the towns of Pakil and Paete which are woodcarvers' haven. The Philippines' biggest family theme park , Enchanted Kingdom, is in Santa Rosa, Laguna.


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